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Wealth Management Services Group

The goal of the Wealth Management Services Group is to build personal relationships and understand the individual financial needs of our customers. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff, we realize the importance of managing and preserving wealth. We are able to assist our customers in many ways in a number of different areas.

Park National Deferred Exchange Corporation

We are a Qualified Intermediary for all of your 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange needs. For more details or our contact information, click here.

Investment Management

Investment Management provides clients with ongoing, professional portfolio management of equity and fixed income securities. A client’s customized plan will be implemented based upon a disciplined approach of selecting individual securities or mutual funds.

Trust Services

Trusts are investment and estate planning vehicles where the Bank, as trustee, manages assets and performs administrative duties for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries including the trustor. This agreement is tailored to the specific current and future needs of individual or charitable beneficiaries.

Guardianship The Bank may be designated, by court order or agreement, as Guardian for the property of a minor or legally incompetent person. The duties and responsibilities of a Guardian are similar to those of a trustee.
Rollover IRA’s The Wealth Management Services Group offers skilled administration of Rollover Individual Retirement Accounts to individuals who are eligible to receive a lump sum distribution from a qualified retirement plan. Professional investment management services are available and all appropriate tax reporting is provided.
Land Trusts The Bank may act as trustee pursuant to a Land Trust agreement. The agreement delivers title in the property to the bank as trustee and indicates who is authorized to make decisions regarding property’s ownership, management, and disposition. Land Trusts offer privacy of ownership and the ability to avoid probate.
Executor/Estate Settlement Services The Bank, as Executor, will undertake the responsibilities necessary to settle a decedent’s estate. Working with an attorney or other professional, the Wealth Management Services Group will handle the management and disposition of assets in keeping with the decedent’s plan.
Custody Custody Services provide comprehensive administrative support for securities portfolios. The Trust Department provides safekeeping of the assets, execution of transactions, record keeping, timely reports and tax information. No investment advice or portfolio management is provided with this service.

Retirement Plan Services The Bank offers administration of Employee Benefit Retirement Plans including tailored plan design, investment management service, participant record-keeping, benefit payment service, and IRS reporting. This tailored approach allows you to devote more resources to managing your business and less to plan administration.

(1) Non-deposit investment products are not insured by the FDIC; (2) non-deposit investment products are not obligations of, or guaranteed by, the financial institution; and (3) non-deposit investments will subject the purchaser to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

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